Mar 16

Health Care On Go

Case Management Applications for the Public

The Challenge

Government health professionals (case workers and social workers) are under constant pressure to support their constituents and provide them with access to preventive services when needed. Reductions in budgets are a constant threat and as a result the resource pool of these professionals is thinning. In order to address the daunting task of managing health care at the community level, the productivity of health care social workers must be increased.

Government agencies often develop 5- and 10-year plans, objectives, and goals such as the Leading Health Indicators 2020 initiative. These goals objectively capture the essence of the intent to increase the life expectancy at birth and to reduce death rates from chronic disease. Case workers often capture chronic disease information in a tedious, manual fashion, document the required details and disseminate required preventive measures through word of mouth.

When experienced case workers leave, their knowledge and data that they collected on behalf of their constituents leaves along with them. Even when this knowledge is communicated to others, it is often done orally when the newer case workers closely interact with experienced professionals. It would be therefore highly beneficial to capture, share and access all this health data and analyze it in a streamlined, speedy fashion.

In many cases, physical health metrics are also highly correlated with mental illnesses so that the mental illness tends to obscure the physical disease and its symptoms, thus adversely impacting patients health outcomes and life expectancy.

The Solution

Simple, secure, easy-to-use and practical case management tools must be provided to community service workers to help them collect and monitor the health indicators of their constituents and reach out to them with preventative information as needed. A suite of tools will provide the health care workers a great and much needed boost in productivity.  The tools and underlying databases will provide a great platform to promptly and securely share this information with constituents and other health care workers as needed . KPSoft is creating a suite of mobile applications to address the needs of public health workers. These mobile applications will be very interactive and will allow case workers to reach out to participating patients as needed. Among others, the suite of applications will provide the following features:

  1. Capture of vital health information of community participants as inputs.
  2. Assessment and analysis of correlations between these inputs (mental and physical for example) – This feature is still being developed and will be released in the future
  3. Real time information sharing with peers and colleagues.
  4. Use of social media and email to communicate analytics and reports to constituents and to provide information on preventative measures and associated government websites.
  5. Applications built using technology platform-independent techniques and as a result, Android/iphone and traditional web platforms will be supported.

Please find more information and free app downloads of our case management mobile app at www.healthcareongo.com