Cloud Computing Platform Migrations

Many IT organizations are stuck in a spiral of constrained budgets, forcing them to make periodic and costly updates to their platforms to stay afloat. Cloud computing is an attractive option for IT executives who must maintain the flexibility and agility of their platforms while keeping IT unit costs low.
There are several vendors in the marketplace today who offer Saas, Paas and Iaas Cloud platforms. They include entities such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Google App Engine and VMWare CloudFoundry, who now offer their services for commercial computing.  In the open source space, providers such as Apache Hadoop and MongoDB have developed frameworks to tackle large data set computations and analysis.

KPSoft has expertise in developing and maintaining innovative solutions using these services and can help clients create systems that use on-premise and off-premise resources for highly specialized tasks while reducing costs.

A variety of vendors offer Cloud Computing services in the form of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Our core focus is on the Cloud Foundry by VMWare and Google Apps and App Engine by Google. Cloud Foundry is a cloud solution that can be used to host Java applications built using the Spring framework, which underpins a variety of applications in the Web, Data Analytics and Messaging arenas. KPSoft’s extensive expertise with Spring and Cloud Foundry allows rapid onboarding for our customers. Using methodologies that we natively developed, we help our clients migrate their applications into various vendors’ public and private clouds.