Computer Vision

Audio, Video and Image Visualization and Recognition

We provide support for processing large amounts and streams of audio, video and image data and develop analytics and visualization.

Benefits of our analytics and visualization

  • Processing large amounts of relational and streaming data.
  • Processing continuous data flow from various sources.
  • Provide real-time and near real-time analytics and visualization.
  • Flexible methodologies that can be tailored for specific industry segment.
  • Include Business Process Automation Techniques.
  • Reduce human interaction by including asynchronous notifications.
  • Total processing cost reduction.
  • Reduce rate of failures and errors.

Business Segments that we support

  • Produce quality control in Agriculture.
  • Spatial orientation analytics of Drones.
  • Character Recognition.
  • Gesture Analysis.
  • Medical Image Recognition.
  • Analytics on Robotics Operations.
  • Relief map analysis for Geological use cases.
  • Environmental Pollution Monitoring.
  • Security and Surveillance.
  • Analytics on Facial Recognition.

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