Cyber Security Services

You depend on secure and reliable networks and information systems for yourdaily communications and transactions. Any Vulnerabilities that compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information assets can lead to critical disruptions in telecommunications, banking, utilities, data storage, and transportation services. Addressing the cybersecurity threat requires innovative collaboration between various technological and business tiers in an organization. KPSoft has expertise in coordinating stakeholders, mapping their security goals to their current and future technological acquisitions, enumerating all necessary security controls and supporting their implementation.

KPSoft has developed Instant Release, a suite of web tools and services for managing identities across enterprise. Please refer to our Instant Release product web site for additional information or contact us at

Our core services in this area include:

  • FISMA/NIST 800-53/Risk Management Framework Compliance
  • Certification & Accreditation (C&A)
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment & Auditing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security in the Systems Engineering Lifecycle
  • Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E)
  • Cyber Training
  • Continuous Monitoring

Application and Database Information Security Services :

  • Web Application Security
  • Application Code Security
  • Application Services Security
  • Application Auditing
  • Physical Database Server Security
  • Database Software
  • Database Code Security
  • Administrator Accounts / Permissions / Passwords
  • User Database Roles / Permissions / Passwords / Management & Reporting
  • Restricted Data
  • Change Management
  • Database Auditing
  • Database Backup & Recovery
  • Database Encryption & Key Management