Data Analytics and Search Services

Data Workers from data analysts to data scientists enrich their business functions by accurately sifting through data sets and predicting outcomes. This requires scalably tapping into various data sources, big and small in their enterprise. Our approach empowers data workers by providing them with less-code and code-friendly environments so they can conduct their analysis. We provide the following analytics services:

  • Predictive Analytics – Using R, Python, Java, .NET Core, we support our clients develop predictive models using regression and other techniques.
  • Data Mining – Using natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms, we support our clients to discover patterns in data which otherwise is an iterative and labor-intensive process.
  • Prescriptive Analytics – Using Monte Carlo and other decision making algorithms, we support our clients with optimization and simulation mechanisms into their data modeling process.
  • Indexing and Search – Using advanced indexing and natural language processing techniques combined with the analytics techniques mentioned above, we enhance our clients end user experience.

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