DevOps Services

DevOps emphasizes communication, collaboration, and integration between project managers, software developers, quality control and infrastructure/data center staff throughout the software development life cycle. Most modern software development uses Agile methodologies. The main advantage with this approach is that the software is delivered to the data center very quickly for end users in an iterative series of small releases. An initial set of users could be core stakeholders and power users.  The iterative development and continuous feedback enabled through Agile ultimately allows all users to be on-boarded more quickly than through other methods by reducing the risk of developing unusable or unwanted functionality.

An end user typically gets a release every two to four weeks. This in turn means that the development team and quality control staff may have to install the application 5 to 10 times each day. This could be very time consuming and cumbersome if an organization has multiple applications whose deployments need to be coordinated. KPSoft has developed tools to enable the communication, collaboration and integration required to manage these deployments using our cloud-based Epic Builder portal. Epic Builder empowers organizations to link their version control systems to their data center servers and allows quality control staff and developers to quickly and efficiently deploy the applications.

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