Glazer Nutrition Services


HealthTrackOnGo is a case management application that will allow nutritionists to form communities of participants and track their prevention program participants in a self-service fashion.  This application will be built primarily as a Salesforce services cloud and mobile application and addresses metrics collection and preventive information dissemination related to diabetes and hypertension chronic diseases.

HealthTrackOnGo utilizes publicly available social media such as Facebook to maintain its users. Using the mobile application, case workers can interview their constituents and perform the following activities:

  1. Identify those affected by disease who are eligible for a case manager or create a group of participants for preventive care
  2. Document participants’ current healthcare needs and the level of services provided
  3. Develop and implement a care plan for each participant
  4. Monitor results and compare against a national average
  5. Reach out to the participants via email by sending them health reports
  6. Publish best practices for communities by using screen-scraping technologies


Nutritionists’ goals objectively capture the essence of the intent to increase the life expectancy at birth rate and to reduce death rates due to chronic diseases influenced by diet and lifestyle choices. Physical health metrics are also highly correlated with mental illnesses in some patients as these mental illnesses tend to obscure the physical disease and its symptoms, thus greatly reducing life expectancy.These professionals are under constant pressure to support very large caseloads and provide their clients with access to healthcare preventive services, yet they often capture chronic disease information in a tedious  and slow fashion, documenting the required details and disseminating required preventive measures by word of mouth.In order to address the daunting tasks of managing healthcare at the community level, nutritionists/dieticians’ productivity must increase.

To make matters worse, staff attrition means that the knowledge base and the data that departing health care workers collected on behalf of their participants leaves along with them. Even when this knowledge is communicated to others, it is often done orally when the newer staff closely interact with experienced individuals. This data collection, sharing, and intelligent analytics must be captured and shared in a streamlined fashion.



Simple, Secure, Easy-to-Use and practical case management tools will be provided to nutrition and diet practitioners to aid them in collecting and monitoring the health indicators of their constituents and reach out to them with preventive information as needed.  The tools and underlying databases will provide a great platform to promptly and securely share this information with constituents and other health care workers when needed.Using the Salesforce services platform, KPSoft created a suite of mobile applications to address the needs of public health workers. The mobile applications will be very interactive and will allow  case workers to reach out to their clients as needed. Among others, the suite of applications will provide the following features:

  1. Capture of community participants’ vital health information
  2. Assessment and analysis of correlations between these inputs (mental and physical for example) – This feature is still being developed and will be released in the future
  3. Real time information sharing with peers and colleagues.
  4. Using social media and email, communication of analytics and reports to constituents and delivery of information, including preventive measures and additional resources.
  5. Android/Iphone and traditional web platforms support

KPSoft used the following stack to create healthtrakongo:

  • Model View Controller application framework
  • Visualforce UI pages and page layouts
  • Workflow for wizard type business process implementation
  • Apex data loader for configuring application with seed data
  • for capturing end user health profile and data
  • Integration using web service API for additional business logic and data integration with publicly available health care indicator information