Maximus – Maxview


Maximus is an international services health and human services company that undertakes projects in the areas of health, welfare, employment, child support and education programs. It partners with various subject matter experts in respective fields and implements programs in the areas of business processes automation and case management. Maximus has operations in North America, Asia and  Australia and continues to expand to other parts of the world. Maximus has several business process and IT application products that automate transactions between vendors/providers and end consumers. As a result it installed various web applications, data warehouses and other software that have very high availability requirements. These applications and underlying tools come with their own monitoring infrastructure. However, project managers have to go to multiple places to monitor and query for the overall health of the operations. KPSoft helped Maximus create Maxview a consolidate dashboard application that monitors business processes that are executed on all servers


Maximus project managers have the following challenges when they query their systems for application health stats:

  • Each project under their management could involve multiple infrastructural components such as batch jobs, application servers, load balancers, databases, and data warehouses. Often they have to query these components individually and consolidate the rollup status.
  • Output from each of the above mentioned tool is not standardized. Reports and terminology varies widely based on the vendor product.
  • There are no tools for collecting history consistently.
  • There are no tools to consolidate all results into one consistent and queriable form.
  • Graphs and trend charts are not consistently developed and used.



KPSoft used the following stack to create Maxview:

  • Creation consistent data model that can be used to capture all application runtime artifacts,
  • Create python based batch jobs to query each server periodically and update a MySQL database per model developed.
  • Use JQuery and JQChart widgets for graphs and trend charts.
  • Use PHP and Model View Controller application framework. Two flavors are created to satisfy current and future large scale needs.
  • PHP and Visualforce UI pages and page layouts.
  • Workflow for wizard type business process implementation.
  • Apex data loader for configuring application with seed data and monitor data from batch jobs.
  • for capturing monitor data.