Modernization Approach

Modernization is an IT concept that is based on a fundamental requirement of doing business in the twenty-first century: maximize efficiency while increasing competitive advantage. Modernization is the process of evolving restrictive, legacy technologies to newer, open standards–based technologies—while retaining the business logic and data from the legacy systems.

Why modernize now? In almost every case, efforts to avoid or postpone modernization will make it harder to compete and, ultimately, to survive. The risks of not modernizing are significant. Aging legacy technologies are expensive to operate and maintain and adversely affect investments in new priorities—often the very growth areas that help generate new revenue–
or support current revenue streams more effectively. The complex design of legacy systems is frequently based on outdated technologies, making them difficult to change and slower to respond to market shifts. In addition, maintaining legacy applications requires skills that are in short supply—programmers who know languages and systems such as Natural, COBOL, PL/I, Assembler, CA Gen, IMS, CICS, VSAM, and PowerBuilder are approaching retirement. Furthermore, legacy systems typically don’t track business processes well enough to satisfy the compliance mandates of today’s rigorous regulatory landscape—a limitation that could put company executives in jeopardy. Forward-thinking organizations are already making progress in their modernization projects.

KPSoft can help with your modernization efforts through a mix of approaches.

  • Replacing legacy applications with packaged, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications
  • Enabling service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Re-architecting legacy applications
  • Automating the migration of legacy languages based on 4GLs and other legacy languages
  • Offloading a mainframe’s MIPS transactions to an open system using data caching
  • Rehosting application logic and data, intact, to a more-open, cost-effective, and agile platform

Our Approach – Instant Release:

Instant Release in a Box – White Paper (Please send us an email at for copy of the white paper)

Use Cases:

  • Monolithic Applications to Instant Release Microservice Applications
  • Monolithic Databases to Instant Release Micro Databases
  • Monolithic Infrastructure to Instant Release Micro Containers
  • Monolithic Security to Instant Release Micro Security
  • Monolithic Governance to Instant Release Micro Governance