Identity Governance Management Services

Identity Governance and Access Management Services

Every organization has many applications and data sets that they internally share with each other or provide them to their customers. In order to distribute such assets and functionality per entitlements the pattern that almost everyone uses is basically a Role Based Access Control where a user account is linked to a set of roles and privileges government by policies. In order to consistently apply all these attributes across your enterprise applications and datasets you need to use an identity governance and access management software. 

KPSoft has extensive expertise in installation, configuration, customization of such software using Oracle Identity Governance Suite and other industry leading similar open source softwares (OpenDJ, Shibboleth etc.). Please contact us immediately with you needs.

Key features of our Identity Governance and Access Management services

Installation and Configuration

  • Installation and configuration of fusion middleware
  • Installation of metadata database
  • Installation of Directory Server
  • Configuration of Directory Trees
  • Installation and configuration of connectors
  • Configuration of auditing, monitoring and analytics
  • Management, patching and upgrades of all underlying software.

Integration with back-office Infrastructure

  • Utilize Identity governance and oracle platform security services to integrate OIG/OAM with your infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration of agents/web-gates 

Installation and configuration using Connectors

  • Installation and configuration of various connectors such as Workday, AD, Office 365, Exchange, ServiceNow and many others.
  • Creation of provisioning and reconciliation workflows of identities between various systems.

Customization and creation of SOA Composite workflows

  • Creation of custom workflow for approval of your identity management process
  • Create batch jobs, event handlers, process forms and other entities to extend functionality to meet your needs.

Registration process with your custom applications

  • Conduct discovery analysis of legacy environment.
  • Create steps to integrate roles of your back-office or legacy applications.
  • Conduct annual re-certification to keep from identities getting out of sync.
  • Create on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

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