Skybitz is an asset management and information analytics company. They develop innovative products that track assets that are in motion via satellites and allow their clients to track and monitor these asset location and status. Skybitz is in the process of developing Encore, an asset management application that facilitates asset tracking, provisioning, configuring, searching and reporting of customer assets. Skybitz selected Oracle ADF framework for developing Encore and deploying it to Oracle Weblogic application server on their production environment. Encore application is very data intensive product and would need to be backed by high performing database and infrastructure. So in addition to the traditional clustered application server and database solution, Skybitz is pursuing a cloud component for certain workflow type modules and analytics and reporting needs. KPSoft conducted architectural assessment of the existing application and created a solution for laying out a Salesforce solution for workflow and MongoDB for analytics and reporting needs.


Skybitz has the following challenges for designing and rolling out Encore for its clients:

  • Asset data is highly voluminous and does need to be made immediately available to the clients
  • Links/feeds from satellite must be received, committed and acknowledged, no scope for data loss
  • Traditional DBs may not scale all times (normal may be okay, peak may cause issues)
  • 24 x 7 x 365 availability requirements


KPSoft supported the architecture and design of Encore and supported Skybitz’s development team to create the following stack:

  • Creation and support of transnational application using Oracle ADF and Oracle RAC DB
  • Creation of workflow using Salesforce (Force, Visualforce and Apex) functionality
  • Create of MongoDB for supporting analytics
  • Creation of Data management scripts using an optimal mix of python, SQL and other Apex loader functions.