Transaction Network Services

Overview Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions. TNS delivers managed communications to service providers and enterprises on a global scale. Thousands of companies in the retail, banking, finance and telecom industries count on TNS for its secure payment delivery services and solutions as well as signaling, roaming and VoIP solutions. Because of the wide range of clients that it supports, TNS has a very complex customer model with several user types and domains for data sharing. All of the back-end applications that service these clients use different combinations of user databases. As a contractor, KP SOFT helped TNS standardize all user data management via the Oracle solution. Our consultants helped create user models and set up and configure the Oracle database and Weblogic application server accordingly. In addition, KP SOFT created API interfaces using web services and remote procedure APIs and installed them to integrate with other in-house applications. This framework is also used provide TNS’s users with secure, reliable role-based access to its data sets. KP SOFT consultants also created reports for tracking usage of data sets.

Challenges Over a period of time TNS developed and acquired a series of applications that accomplish a specific business function. Each of these applications used a different technology stack for functions such as reporting, raw data and other web content. Furthermore, each application maintained its own security and role-based access layer to underlying data sets. As the number of customers grew and business rules for managing access became more complex, maintenance and updates to these applications became cumbersome. In the modernization component of its Enterprise Architecture planning, TNS decided to move its applications to an Oracle Fusion middleware infrastructure (IDM Suite) and Oracle Database and thus streamline its development and O&M operations. KPSoft consultants implemented tasks related to security, provisioning, reconciliation, reporting and data access components.


  • Created user identity structures for all user communities.
  • Using standard ETL approach, created a provisioning and reconciliation (bi-directional data management) process to synchronize metadata and data sets. Data sets included user accounts and financial data.
  • Created approval workflows for managing access to data sets.
  • Created secure web Services for sharing data and reports.
  • Created reports with well-defined layouts using Oracle BI tools.
  • Created and scheduled provisioning and reconciliation tasks.