Custom software development

Custom Development

We are current with industry trends, best practices, architecture and development frameworks and we will make every attempt to map them to your existing infrastructure and IT investments. We are able to meet all your requirements. We will assemble and organize a development team for custom software either on or offshore. 

Web application

  • Various types of portals, collaboration and document based applications.
  • Corporate websites (Sharepoint, Drupal etc.) with customizable workflows and advanced analytical capabilities.

System Integration

  • Open infrastructure, API hubs, micro services based enterprise integrations.
  • Complex application secured with SSO, Identity & Access Management.
  • High load IT infrastructure for very large data processing or large user base.

Blockchain and IoT projects

  •  Projects and smart contracts with Etherium, Hyperledger Fabric and Solidity.
  • IoT projects to collect and process data streams from multiple devices.

Data Science

  • Computer vision and image recognition
  • Data collection and data storage systems with in-depth data analysis, forecasting and processing.
  • Chat bots featuring natural language techniques.
  • Predictive analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Key features of our custom development services


  • Savings on labor costs
  • Savings on recruiting
  • Development of internal staff
  • Quick access to special and surge skills

Engagement Models

  • Project based model with firm fixed price
  • Time and material model
  • Dedicated teams with monthly FTE billing

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