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Tableau Consulting Services

We are here to support you in all your Tableau activities that could help to analyze your application and data domains, achieve your business outcomes quickly, accelerating your time to value. We will tailor our approach to meet your very specific environment needs and set you up for success.

Key features of our Tableau services

Rapid Prototype Development

  • Install and maintain Tableau in your environment.
  • Integrate and configure various data sources.
  • Conduct data analysis.
  • Create dashboards, reports and other services.
  • Expand the analytics and visualizations as needed.

Data Readiness

  • Conduct discovery
  • Analyze data standards
  • Identify gaps
  • Prepare data
  • Integrate data

Data Governance

  • Identify right standards
  • Analyze security needs
  • Develop SLAs and data sharing requirements
  • Document policies

Dashboard Design

  • Identify UI/UX needs for reporting and dashboards
  • Design and develop dashboards 
  • Develop data source mappings, SQL and other integrations

Migrate your legacy analytics to Tableau

  • Conduct discovery analysis of legacy environment
  • Develop requirements for analytics, reports, data stores and data warehouse
  • Design database and analytics environment
  • Implement reports and analytics
  • Conduct functional and performance testing
  • Conduct user training
  • Document lessons learned

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